BJP greets PM 'strong', criticizes UPA for signing weak TLC

NEW DELHI: BJP on Monday applauded the prime minister Narendra Modi for not joining the Regional Integral Economic Association (RCEP) and stressed that it was the Manmohan Singh government that had begun negotiations to join the commercial group of 16 countries.

Head of the ruling party and interior minister Amit Shah He said the government’s decision to stay away from RCEP despite intense pressure from China and other countries was further evidence of the strong leadership and firm resolve of the prime minister to protect national interests in all circumstances. India's decision not to sign the RCEP is the result of the strong leadership of PM @ narendramodi and its firm resolve to guarantee national interest in all circumstances, he said.

The firm position of PM @ narendramodi during the years of not moving forward with an agreement if our interests are not met, is a welcome break from the past, where a weak UPA government gave a precious land to trade and could not protect the interest national, Shah said in reference to the decision of the UPA government to join the negotiations in 2012.

His attack on UPA occurred in the context of the congressional claim that it was his resistance that forced the Center to withdraw from the negotiations.

BJP working President J P Nadda also attacked UPA. India didn't bow down to global pressure&give away its economic interests, unlike previous Congress-led governments which opened Indian market through weak FTAs. PM Narendra Modi Ji has again shown his commitment to safeguard interests of the poor, he he said.

In a series of tweets, Shah said the decision will guarantee support to farmers in India, the MSME sector, the dairy and manufacturing sector, among others.

The BJP congratulates the Honorable PM @ narendramodi ji, who is recognized worldwide as a tough negotiator for his decisive leadership to protect our national interest. Under him, India's foreign policy reflects India First, Nadda said.

Party sources referred to the president of the United States Donald Trump describing Modi as a tough negotiator, as well as Ben Rhodes, a close associate of Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, writing about the Indian prime minister playing hard during the climate change talks.