'Make in India' has become 'Buy from China': Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: BJP reacted on Monday to the mockery of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi that Make in India had become Buy from China and said negotiations to join the Regional Integral Economic Association () had begun under the regime of the UPA in 2012.

Make in India has become Buy from China. Every year we import products from China worth Rs 6,000 for each Indian. A 100% increase since 2014, ”said the former head of Congress in a tweet.

RCEP will flood India with cheap goods, resulting in millions of job losses and paralyzing the Indian economy, he added. BJP immediately responded. “It seems that the meditation trip has awakened you to RCEP.

Facts that will help their selective amnesia: UPA entered into RCEP negotiations in 2012, the trade deficit with China increased 23 times from $ 1.9 billion in 2005 to $ 44.8 billion in 2014. Now, Prime Minister Modi is cleaning his mess, said the part while emphasizing. that the Congress leader was supposed to be on a meditation trip. The exchange took place hours before Prime Minister Modi said that India would not join RCEP.