Stop agricultural fires or face contempt: SC to 3 states

NEW DELHI: With pollution in Delhi and NCR assuming the proportions of a health emergency, on Monday it approved a series of orders and ordered the governments of UP and Punjab to stop immediately in their states or face contempt proceedings. Qualifying the current situation as worse than an emergency, given reports of contamination that shortens life in NCR, the court banned all construction and demolition work until further orders, prescribing a fine of Rs 1 lakh for violations.

He also banned the use of diesel-powered generators and ordered states to guarantee 24-hour power supply. The court said that all officials and authorities, from the chief secretary to the gram pradhans, would be responsible for burning stubble and will have to face contempt procedures for not fulfilling their duty to stop him.

He summoned the chief secretaries of the three states on November 6 to explain the inability to stop burning crop residues. Although the SC has been monitoring the pollution of Delhi for years and has approved orders such as banning contaminating cookies and introducing cleaner fuel, the situation remains bleak during the winter and this year also the problem due to burning stubble in the states Neighbors has been a serious problem.

Noting the widespread stubble burning in three states as revealed by satellite images, a bank of Judges Arun Mishra and Deepak Gupta said that top-down authorities would be responsible if a single burning incident were reported.

“Delhi is drowning every year and we can't do anything. It cannot happen in a civilized society. The right of people to life is the most important. No one wants to visit Delhi. Even in the rooms in the Lutyens area, the acceptable air quality limit is over 500. This is not the way people can survive in the city, the bank said. The court said it was a shocking situation since states and authorities had not acted completely against burning stubble and should be penalized.

They ask that others die and shorten people's lives ... It is time for top-to-bottom officials to be responsible for it, the bank said. The authorities will be prosecuted under extra-contractual liability, violation of orders and other legal provisions. “We address state governments, chief secretaries, district collectors and all police machinery to ensure that a single stubble burning incident does not occur. If this happens, the person concerned along with the entire administration, from the chief secretary to gram pradhan, would be held liable, ”said the court.

Considering the seriousness of the situation, the bank asked the Center to immediately call some IIT environmental experts and environmental ministry officials and approved the order after considering its suggestion. The court was in favor of using cloud seeding technology to calm the crisis, but experts told the bank that it was not possible in Delhi.