Avinash and son celebrate their birthday together

Actor Avinash Wadhawan and his son Samraat share the same date of birth (November 2) and the father and son duo knows how to have fun on their big day. This year, Avinash held a party at home, attended by some of his close friends, including Deepshikha, Aahana Kumra , Baba Sehgal, Varsha Usgaonkar, Gufi Paintal, as well as Gajendra Chauhan and his wife Habiba.


Talking about dates, Avinash says that number two is special to him in many ways. “My dad and my wife’s birth dates add up to 2; my house in Delhi and my current flat also add up to the same number. Often, even my hotel room numbers add up to 2.

Interestingly, everything is a coincidence, it is not planned at all. Think about it, many other things, be it my phone number, car registration number or parking number, also add up to 2. It's strange, he concludes.