From murals to theater: nine trans women tell their stories of empowerment

In recent years, they have claimed several public spaces in India through technicolor murals that invite reflection. But this time, they have chosen to tell their stories on stage. Often seen behind the scaffolding, trans women from the Aravani Art Project will be under the spotlight on the curtain show at the Ranga Shankara Theater Festival 2019 today. Kannada's work, Nava , investigates the fiercely personal accounts of nine urban women through the nine flat , Says director Sharanya Ramprakash.n For them, this 80-minute presentation is much more than a simple transition from visual arts to performing arts. “These are curious stories of crossing social borders and instilling the sense of inclusion in our minds. Although these trans women have never performed on stage before, they do understand and use performance in various ways in their daily lives. The goal is to expand the scenario and accommodate their understanding of performance, and not vice versa, ”explains Sharanya, for whom the last six months with them have been a journey of learning and rediscovery. A collaboration between Aravani and Dramanon, Nava It is supported by the Indian Foundation for the Arts, under the Project 560 program.

Veena, Chandri, Shanti, Prarthana, Purushi, Jyothi, Sandhia, Thara and Swetha are the artists of the work, who question and challenge the fixed ideas that make up the navarase and who can rehearse the role of his nayakis . Through acting, they challenge the notions of Haasya , Adhbuta , Bhibatsa , Krodha , Shrungara , Bhaya , Veera , Karuna & Shanta . “ Nava tiene la intención de amplificar las voces de los marginados que han sido silenciados deliberadamente & convenientemente olvidados , resume el director.