Being a star child is not a burden: Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan She is one of the most talked about star children these days, and during her recent visit to the city as part of a women's summit, that's exactly what she talked about: being a star girl. When asked how she carries the burden of being a celebrity, with famous parents and grandparents, the actress responded quickly: With any form of privilege, there is a setback to it. You are as overwhelmed as you want to be, and you take as much pressure as you want. I am very aware that I come from a film background and, therefore, the scrutiny and attention I receive is more than it would have been otherwise. But I don't see it as a burden, because if I do, then I won't be able to act. Speaking of the disadvantages of being a star child, Sara adds: Star children make it easy, but it also comes with scrutiny and there are many people who expect a star child to make a mistake or fall. I am aware of that. But I don't take all that seriously.