The behavior of some of the contestants in the house was surprising: Duniya Rashmi

Sandalwood actress Duniya Rashmi, who had her first period on television with the reality show Big Boss Kannada 7, he has become the third contestant to be evicted from the house. I had never worked on television before, and I thought big boss would be the right platform for me to get exposed to the industry, ”says Rashmi, who debuted in the Kannada film industry with Duniya in 2007.

Outside the house now, the actress talks about her three-week stay there in a sincere conversation with us. “The behavior of some of the contestants was amazing. They spoke to me as if they were very close to me, but when it comes to the nomination process, they were the first to nominate my name without valid reasons. Finally, Deepika Das became my best friend in the house. I would like to see her again when I leave the house, ”says Rashmi.

The actress adds that she still has to find out why she was removed from the program so early. “I gave my best in every task. I was friendly and jovial with my contestants. The people who voted for me might have felt that I was not entertaining enough. I still have to find out the exact reason that led me to be evicted from the program in the third week. Given the opportunity, I would like to re-enter the program, ”he adds. The actress also has good memories of her relationship with Ravi Belagere at home. She says: “I had a negative opinion about Ravi before entering the program. But the conversation I had with him later changed that perception. It is a treasure trove of knowledge, which could talk about any matter. Even Jai Jagadish Sir is a good person.

So who do you think will win the show this year? “It is too early to choose a winner now, but I feel that Kishen Bilagali is a great contender. He is good at playing mental games, and he has also carried out his tasks well so far. Meanwhile, Vasuki Vaibhav is an artist, so things could also work in his favor, ”concludes Rashmi.