Government presents IT initiatives for faster customs clearance

New Delhi, November 4 () The government presented on Monday two new IT initiatives, ICEDASH and ATITHI, to improve the monitoring and pace of customs clearance of imported products.

These initiatives will also facilitate the arrival of international passengers with the electronic presentation of luggage and currency declarations.

In launching the initiatives, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman praised the measures taken by the Central Board of Indirect and Customs Taxes (CBIC) to take advantage of technology to provide better services to the taxpayer, according to an official statement.

He also mentioned that the significant improvement in India's overall classification in cross-border trade is largely due to information technology (IT) and other reforms carried out by CBIC.

The minister expressed optimism that both ICEDASH and ATITHI would be the key drivers for further improvement, especially as they reduce the interface and increase the transparency of customs operations.

ATITHI, he added, would create in particular a knowledgeable image of the technology of Indian customs and encourage tourism and business trips to India.

ICEDASH is a control panel for the supervision of the ease of doing business (EoDB) of the Indian Customs that helps the public to see the daily customs clearance times of the import cargo in several ports and airports.

With ICEDASH, Indian customs have taken the lead globally to provide an effective tool that helps companies compare shipping times at ports and plan their logistics accordingly. This board has been developed by CBIC in collaboration with NIC, according to the statement.

ICEDASH can be accessed through the CBIC website.

With ATITHI it is a mobile application for international travelers to submit the customs declaration in advance. Passengers can use this application to present the taxable item and currency declaration at the Customs of India, even before boarding the flight to India. ATITHI is available on iOS and Android. NKD CS HRS