Al Ahed of Lebanon wins the AFC Cup with victory over the North Korean team

KUALA LUMPUR: Al Ahed from Lebanon secured the AFC Cup On Monday, with a dominant 1-0 victory over 4.25 SC of 10 North Korean men, a game moved to Malaysia from Pyongyang after a World Cup qualifier.

The final of the second level club tournament in Asia moved after last month's surreal clash between North Korea and South Korea, which took place without live broadcasting and without the presence of foreign media.

Issah Yakubu scored the winner in the 74th minute, heading to a Hussein Dakik center, when the Lebanese finally broke the determined defense of the North Koreans.

The game started looking pretty even, but the turning point came in the middle of the first half when North Korea's goalkeeper An Tae Song was ejected.

He seemed to stumble upon an Al Ahed player at the edge of the box while charging towards the goal.

Al Ahed became totally dominant, launching attack after attack, but the first half ended 0-0.

The Lebanese side lost some good opportunities: just before halftime, Ahmed Akaichi managed to miss an easy shot on goal, shooting the ball over the crossbar from a short distance.

After losing a player, the North Koreans never seemed like a threat, just approaching the goal of their opponents, but defended strongly and Al Ahed only made his way to the end.

Al Ahed are the first Lebanese side to win the AFC Cup since it started in 2004.

the AFC Cup was initially moved from Pyongyang to Shanghai -- only to be moved again days later to Kuala Lumpur.

the Asian Football Confederation No mencionó el enfrentamiento entre Corea del Norte y Corea del Sur cuando cambiaron el partido, pero dijo que the socios comerciales estaban preocupados por transmitir el juego.