Prime Minister Modi seeks strong punitive action against those who support terrorism

BANGKOK: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday he affirmed the priority that India gives to firm and unambiguous action against terrorism and launched a strong action against those who incite, protect and support terrorist groups.

Addressing the 14th East Asia Summit, a grouping of 18 countries including India, called terrorism the most heinous cross border crime, and sought decisive global action against the menace.

The leaders of the grouping vowed to scale up efforts to deal with terrorism , radicalisation and transnational crimes including by ramping up coordination with anti-terror watchdog FATF and relevant UN agencies.

"The prime minister underlined the priority India attaches to firm and unambiguous action against terrorism which is the most heinous trans-border crime and also action against those who abet, shelter and support terrorist groups which is the most heinous cross border crime," Vijay Thakur Singh, Secretary (East) in the Ministry of External Affairs, told reporters here.

She said EAS leaders also emphasized the imperative to act against terrorist groups and those who spread violent extremism and radicalism.

The East Asia Summit is the main forum in the Asia-Pacific region to address issues related to security and defense. Since its creation in 2005, it has played an important role in the strategic, geopolitical and economic evolution of East Asia.

Apart from the 10 ASEAN Member States, the East Asia Summit includes India, China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Russia. India was represented at the summit by Prime Minister Modi.

Singh said India welcomed 10-nation grouping ASEAN 's outlook on Indo-Pacific, reaffirmed ASEAN' s centrality in the region and highlighted convergence with India's Indo-Pacific vision.

The Prime Minister also proposed an Indo-Pacific Ocean initiative to conserve and sustainably use the maritime domain and make a significant effort to create a safe and secure maritime domain.

At the end of its EAS summit, the powerful bloc came out with a statement that lists the measures that member countries must take to address various security challenges facing the region, as well as ways to counter the narratives of terrorist groups. The group also released two other statements.

Unite for a better future for our planet. Today's East Asia Summit was characterized by fruitful deliberations on ways to mitigate several global challenges, he tweeted.

The EAS declaration called for effective measures to counter terrorism including by containing terror financing in the region, seen as an affirmation of India's call for concerted approach to deal with terror groups.

The statement says that the EAS will deepen cooperation with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the regional FATF-style agencies.

El EAS también resolvió garantizar la implementación efectiva de los estándares del GAFI para hacer frente al financiamiento del terrorism

The bloc also recognized the importance of preventing criminal misuse of information and communications technologies (ICTs) such as the internet for terrorism or to incite terrorist acts while resolving to intensify cooperation to combat and prevent transnational crimes.

The EAS also requested member countries to improve collaboration to contain transnational crime in accordance with national laws and regulations within and among member countries.