Congress claims victory after India decides not to join RCEP

NEW DELHI: With India deciding not to join the Regional Integral Economic Association (RCEP), Congress won the victory on Monday and said its blunt opposition ensured that the BJP government refrained from exchanging the interests of farmers, producers Dairy products, fishermen and small and medium entrepreneurs.

The main spokesman for Congress, Randeep Surjewala, said it is a victory for all those who protect national interests.

While BJP and Sh. Amit Shah is pleased to find fake credits today, remembering that the forceful opposition of Congress pushed them back, he said.

He claimed that the BJP government had exceeded its zeal for signing the RCEP.

An energetic opposition from Congress and Rahul Gandhi ensures that the BJP government retracts from exchanging the interests of farmers, dairy producers, fishermen, small and medium enterprises at the altar of political convenience, he said on Twitter.

He said that with rampant unemployment, a sinking economy and a deep agrarian crisis that emanates from the total mismanagement of the economy by the Government of BJP, signing RCEP would have been catastrophic.

By reversing at the request of the Congress party and farmer groups, our government has been forced to make a right decision, Surjewala said.

The Modi government was pressuring to sign the RCEP agreement without addressing genuine concerns and national interests, he said, adding that care was not taken with the objections of farmers and MSMEs or national security interests.

Farmers in India and MSMEs had genuine concerns not addressed about: circumvention of rules of origin to get rid of Chinese products; the absence of safeguards to avoid sudden increases in imports at the expense of national industry; There is no guarantee on market access for the computer and services industry. Also he said.

India decided on Monday not to join the mega Regional Integral Economic Association (RCEP) agreement, as the negotiations did not address New Delhi's concerns, government sources said.

They said that India's position in RCEP is a strong reflection of the strong leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the growing stature of India in the world.

India's decision will be of great help to Indian farmers, MSMEs and the dairy sector, sources said.

The Foreign Ministry said that India decided not to join RCEP due to unresolved problems and believes that, under the current circumstances, it would not be appropriate to join RCEP.