Update from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, November 4: Kartik asks Naira to take Kairav ​​to Goa

In the last episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai , Naira he is surprised to see Suhasini dadi in his house. She asks him to come meet Kairav but dadi asks Naira to shift to Goenka house with Kairav.

Naira is shocked with this request and says this is not the solution to this problem. Dadi says she has seen Kartik hating his father all these years and doesn't want Kartik to face the same.

Naira disagrees and says, now that Kartik is married to someone else, she cannot move into Goenka house. Dadi says she will make Vedika understand all this but Naira refuses to move in with Kartik.

She tells dadi that there will be other ways and will make Kairav ​​understand his father's love for him.

Kairav ​​wakes up and asks his mama to book their tickets to Goa. He wants to go to his home and doesn't want to stay in this city.

Gayu also feels that bringing Naira and Kairav ​​home will only worsen the situation. Dadi reprimands her and asks her to leave.

Kartik comes to know that dadi had asked Naira to move in with him. He calls up Naira and she tells him that Kairav ​​wants them to leave for Goa.

Kartik asks her to leave for Goa with Kairav ​​if this is what their son wants. Naira tries to make him understand that this is not a solution to the problem and that they can find out ways. But Kartik says this is best for Kairav ​​as he will be happy being away from his father.

Kartik disconnects the phone and is shattered. Naira is also in tears.