Kahaan Hum Update Kahaan Tum, November 4: Sonakshi feels jealous while Rohit enjoys her bachelorette party

The last episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum It begins with YK's mother telling Suman that she has seen marriages crumble due to money-related problems. She says that even love does not last long when there is no money. She adds that Sonakshi's safety is his responsibility.

Sonakshi He tells the men of the Sippy family to return home on time, as it is Henna's ceremony the next day. All in unison refuse to say that it is impossible to attend in the morning. Rohit He says he has to do his duty.

Ajit while blabbering reveals to Sonakshi their bachelorette party plan. Sonakshi gets angry and says that there is no need for any bachelorette party.

Later, the men of the Sippy family party hard at Rohit’s bachelorette. On the other hand, Sonakshi gets restless thinking about the same.

Sonakshi starts worrying about girls being a part of the party. She calls Rohit in the middle of the party but Rohan picks his phone. She starts feeling jealous when she hears Rohit calling someone ‘Darling’.

She starts to panic, unaware of the fact that the dancers at Rohit’s party are boys.

Sonakshi tries to call Raima to know what is happening at the party but the latter doesn’t pick up her call.

She then calls Pooja and comes to know that they are having a football match. Sonakshi feels relieved.

On the other hand, Suman is unable to sleep as she cannot stop thinking about her conversation with YK’s mother. She decides to talk to Sonakshi about the same.

In the morning, everyone gathers at Rohit and Sonakshi’s mehendi ceremony. Sonakshi asks Rohit’s mother if Raima didn’t come along. She says that Raima is resting as she got very tired last night.