MP: Taxi service for all women launched from Indore airport

INDORE: On Monday, a program directed exclusively by women was launched with the assistance of a local NGO.

The 24-hour service will have been conducted by female staff, a long-standing lawsuit noted after it began in Indore, airport director Aryamma Sanyal told reporters.

The taxi service was pointed out in a brief function by Indore deputy Shankar Lalwani. He said the Sakha Cab service gave women in the low-income group a chance to make a living.

The female staff was trained by the NGO and equipped with skills to handle all kinds of situations, he said, adding that the drivers obtained their valid driver's licenses and will be available to transport passengers throughout the day.

Arpita Arya, a member of the drivers fleet, told reporters it was difficult for their families to accept that women were going to operate taxis at night. But for a period of time, we gain confidence and now we are in a position to face any situation, he said.

The airport director, Sanyal, said the taxis will be equipped with a panic button placed between the driver's seat and the passenger that will connect to the main server of the service provider. The passenger or the driver can use the panic button to inform the company about emergencies, he said.