Conservatives of British Prime Minister Johnson have a 7-point advantage over the job: survey

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris johnson Conservatives have a seven percentage point advantage over the opposition Labor Party before the December 12 elections, according to an ICM poll published by Reuters on Monday.

The first ICM survey on the electoral campaign put conservatives at 38% and Labor at 31%. The pro-European liberal Democrats had the support of 15% of the respondents, while the Party had 9%.

The survey of 2,047 people, conducted online between November 1 and 4, shows a narrower gap than recent polls by other pollsters, who have placed conservatives between 8 and 17 percentage points above Labor.

ICM said the poll showed that the two main parties lost a similar proportion of voters for Brexit.

He said that 11% of conservative voters in the last 2017 elections now planned to vote for the Brexit Party, while 12% of those who supported Labor in 2017 intended to vote for liberal Democrats.

More than two-thirds of those who voted 'Remain' in the Brexit referendum in 2016 and for the Conservatives in 2017 they intended to stay with the Johnson Conservatives, said ICM.