SP Robotics, based in Chennai, offers a fun coding course for children

CHENNAI: In the West and in China, even a 7-year-old is learning to code, says Sneha Priya, CEO of SP Robotics . That is why the Chennai-based center has launched a coding course for young learners about the use of drones.

“Coding is now like learning a language and doing math. But in India there have been some ways for young people to do it. However, parents of the new age are constantly attentive to such courses. They expect much more than a mere coding of such courses. They hope it is full of fun. They hope that it also develops other aspects such as logical thinking and creativity. In short, comprehensive development, she says.

“We are hoping fulfils all these criteria by the coding course we offer,” she adds.

The course, designed by academicians, psychologists, and tech experts, focuses on imparting advanced coding skills while enhancing the problem-solving skills as well as logical and lateral thinking of children. Students will also get to work with drones produced by SP Robotic Works’ official partner DJI, among the world's largest manufacturers of drones.

“La coding no solo mejora tu capacidad de concentración sino que también aumenta tu pensamiento lógico y lateral. Y, sobre todo, es divertido trabajar con drones , dice Sneha.

Interested learners can access the 16-hour-long course either online, which enables them to learn at their own pace, or at the company’s centers called SP Robotics Maker Lab, spread across more than 80 locations in India.

“While the course is designed with young students in mind, there are no restrictions that prevent others, the most advanced in age, from participating in the course. Working professionals can also request enrollment, ”she says.

Offered at Rs 6,000, more than 500 students across India have already registered for the course since its launch two months ago.