Exclusive: Himanshi Khurrana will expose the innocent act of Shehnaz: Shefali Bagga of Bigg Boss 13

Media personality Shefali Bagga , who was considered one of the strongest contestants of Bigg Boss 13 , was recently evicted from the program. Shefali, who works as a news channel host in Hindi, gained popularity for being stubborn and fighting for herself on the show. After his eviction from the house, in an exclusive conversation with the TimesofIndia.com, Shefali described his dismissal as unfair and also spoke about the new jokers.

Yes, I am very disappointed with my eviction, since I deserved to stay in the program. I don't think Mahira and Arti deserved enough to stay in the house. My game was stronger and I don't know why they eliminated me. My elimination is very unfair. I tried my best at homework. I tried to convince everyone, but I did what I could. Finally, the decision was in the hands of sanchalak and you must have seen in the program how the sanchalaks have behaved throughout the season. The second day I also tried to convince Rashami and she sent Devoleena and did the stupidest thing she could do. They made such a great negligence in a task that consisted of the ticket to the final. People who don't deserve like Mahira and Arti are in the program. In fact, before Mr. Salman announced the name of Rashami Desai, Arti stood up because he knew very well that he did not deserve enough to be on the show, but Rashami's name was announced, Shefali said.

Shefali, who recently had a big dispute with Shehnaz during a task, feels that Shehnaz is fake and is a new wild card. Himanshi Khurrana Soon he will expose his real side: The jokers will change the equations in the house, I'm very sorry. I saw the recent promotion and I feel that Himanshi's entry will expose Shehnaz's cute and innocent image that she has been faking all this time the program will be a great turning point in the game. Shehnaz, who has been portraying herself as an innocent Miss and who is a child at heart, will now leave. Because we all knew his true side very well. There were many situations in which he showed us the real side, so we knew it was being false. Let's see how he will deal with Himanshi, he said.

Shefali also added: She is using both Sidharth Shukla and the friendship of Paras. He will not leave anyone because he knows that in the future there may be a situation in which Paras can rescue her and does not want to take a risk.

Shefali termed Sidharth Shukla as the biggest manipulator of the house and also stated that Asim and Sidharth need to be strictly told that they are very aggressive, Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz are very aggressive and that's the reason girls are not able to perform their best of their abilities. They start throwing things and people want to stay away. I believe they need to be strictly told. Sidharth Shukla is very manipulative. It is good for his game. He manipulates his team members and that's why Arti and Rashami's friendship also went kaput and he has tried his best to keep Asim also away from Rashami, said Shefali.

The journalist also chose the strongest and weakest contestants of the season, Sidharth is the strongest contestants in the house at the moment. Arti is weak, he is playing under his shadow. She is very insecure about the game. Talk unnecessary things and use fight with Rashami for no reason, he concluded.