HC will hear requests to search for the Uniform Civil Code on November 15

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Monday gathered all the requests that seek to frame a (UCC), as provided in Article 44 of the Constitution, to promote national integration, as well as gender justice, equality and dignity of women.

A bank of the president of the court D N Patel and judge C Hari Shankar decided to listen to the four petitions, seeking UCC, on November 15.

The first reason for seeking a uniform civil code was presented by BJP leader and lawyer, Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay, in May of this year and the higher court issued a notice to the Center on May 31 to request his response in four weeks.

The central government has not yet submitted its response in this regard.

Subsequently, another lawyer made a similar request in August to go to the Center to establish a judicial commission or a committee of high-level experts to draft a UCC to guarantee gender justice, equality and dignity for women.

Subsequently, Firoz Bakht Ahmed, Foreign Minister of the Urdu National University of Maulana Azad and nephew of the Prime Minister of Education, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, made a third statement.

The fourth PIL to write a UCC was moved by Amber Zaidi, who claims in her allegation of being a social activist and media personality.

Zaidi has argued that India urgently needs a Uniform Civil Code or an Indian Civil Code in the spirit of Article 44 read with Article 14 of the Constitution.

She has affirmed that she has moved the petition with the sole purpose of guaranteeing gender justice, gender equality and the dignity of women.

The three PILs presented after Upadhyay's have not yet been heard in the bank.

The four petitions have sought instructions for the Center to establish a judicial commission or a committee of high-level experts to draft the UCC within three months, while considering best practices of all religions and sects, civil laws of developed countries and international conventions.