Rakesh Jhunjhunwala buys a 0.5 pc stake in Yes Bank for Rs 87 cr

New Delhi, November 4 () Rakesh Jhunjhunwala bought about 1.3 million rupees from Yes Bank on Monday for about 87 rupees through open market transactions.

According to the global agreement data available with the BSE, Jhunjhunwala purchased 1.29.50,000 shares of the private lender worth 0.5 percent of Yes Bank.

The shares were purchased at an average price of Rs 67.1, bringing the transaction to Rs 86.89 rupees, the data showed.

Yes Bank's shares in the BSE closed 0.75 percent lower at Rs 66.1.

In a separate transaction on the stock exchange, Vistra ITCL India Ltd sold more than 6.2 million shares of CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd at Rs 13.97 each, valuing the deal at Rs 87.45 million.

According to the participation data for the September quarter, Vistra is a public shareholder of CG Power and had a participation of 10.89 percent or more than Rs.82 million in the company.

After the transaction, Vistra keeps a little more than 56 lakh shares of the private lender.

The shares sold by Vistra were collected by L&T Finance Ltd at the same price, as shown in the global agreement data. In the BSE, the shares of CG Power and Industrial Solutions gained 4.94 percent to Rs 14.65 each. SRS HRS