Vivek Dahiya at the Cardiff Film Festival host with Lucy Owen: it was great to share the stage with her

Actor Vivek Dahiya recently internationalized when he took over the stage in the Cardiff International Film Festival .

Life came in a complete circle for the actor who had studied in Cardiff. Now he is back at his previous base, but this time sharing the stage with the famous TV news reader. Lucy Owen .

Speaking of the experience, Vivek said: During my college days, I used to watch Lucy's work on television and who would have thought that one day I would share the stage with her. It was great to share the stage with her and with us. They were a good couple because he handled the humor while she took care of the classic presentation.

Speaking about the anchoring of the actor's actions, it was a multicultural and multidimensional hosting experience that was phenomenal. The nominations had come from all over the world, from China, Japan and the United States to South Africa, Britain, as well as India and so creating humor and jokes that resonate with everyone, crossing all linguistic and cultural boundaries, is a challenge, but I must say that I enjoyed it very much and the laughter and laughter made me feel that I belong to the stage and that I should anchor a lot more!

It remains to be seen if Vivek will also present a television program.