It is not our responsibility to pay other states for technology to stop stubble burning: AAP to Prakash Javadekar

NEW DELHI: The AAP said Monday that it is their responsibility to help their farmers acquire technology to prevent stubble burning, hours after the Union's environment minister Prakash Javadekar He told the Delhi government that he was more interested in promoting himself than in improving air quality. Javadekar had said that the Delhi government should give Rs 1.5 billion, adding that the AAP government spent on ads, to farmers in an attempt to address the problem of air pollution.

The comment of the environment minister was against the recent comment by the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi that 40,000 machines provided by the Center to stop can not help 22 lakh farmers.

On Monday, the main leader of the AAP said that it is the responsibility of the respective state governments to help their farmers and provide them with technology to deter them from burning crop residues.

I challenge the environment minister to prove that we have withdrawn a single penny from the Delhi budget for publicity, he said.

Why should we pay? According to the guidelines of the NGT and the Supreme Court, it is the responsibility of the state governments of Punjab and Haryana to help their farmers and provide them with technology so they can stop burning the stubble, he said.

The Delhi government had been running ads, claiming a 25 percent reduction in air pollution in Delhi, before the toxic mist surrounded the national capital a few days ago, due to its efforts. And he has blamed the burning of stubble in neighboring states for air pollution.

Singh also struck in Javadekar, claiming that in the last month, the environment minister canceled three meetings with state governments to find solutions to air pollution in the region of the national capital.

How little interested is the government of BJP with the issue of pollution. I want to ask and ask the central government to overcome partisan politics and work for the betterment of India by taking measures to combat air pollution, he said.

Delhi has witnessed one of the worst episodes of air pollution in recent days.

On Monday afternoon, the Delhi air quality index was 438. The AQI in Alipur, Narela and Bawana was 493, 486 and 472, respectively.