Many times, Indian players avoid breaks for fear of being expelled: Yuvraj Singh

MUMBAI: former Indian hitter Yuvraj Singh He said Monday that the country's cricketers feel compelled to play even when they are not in a position to fear losing their place, a situation that he hopes will change with Sourav Ganguly how President of BCCI .

The swashbuckling left-hander, who has retired from international cricket to play in private leagues, batted for having a players association, something that has already been done with the institution of the Indian Cricketers' Association how mandated by the Supreme Court-appointed Lodha committee.

We deserve it. Because there are many times that we have been asked to play cricket that we do not want. We have to play with the pressure that if we don't play, they will kick us out, Yuvraj said. Reporters here.

That pressure has to come out of the players who even if they are tired or fatigued or injured, they have to play, he said.

Yuvraj cited the example of Australia Glenn Maxwell , who took a break from international cricket to treat mental health problems and obtained the support of his Board.

Ese apoyo debería darse a los jugadores. Vemos fuera de India, si los jugadores están cansados ​​y cansados ​​mentalmente, how es el caso de (Glenn) Maxwell, se ha tomado un descanso porque lo siente.

Our players cannot do that because they fear losing their place. Therefore, a player association is very important, said Yuvraj.

Yuvraj said he expects drastic changes in the BCCI's functioning with Ganguly at the helm how players will finally be heard instead of merely listening to the administrators, which used to be the case earlier.

"I see great things happening to Indian cricket with Sourav how president. Cricket, from the administration point of view, and the cricketers' point of view are two different things," he told reporters here.

Someone, who has been a very successful captain, will run the cricket from the point of view of the players where the concerns of the cricket player can be heard. It would not happen before. They would make decisions and cricket players would not be heard. Now you will hear what cricket players want, he said.

Yuvraj was also asked about the speculations surrounding the international future of the former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni , who is currently in a sabbatical year.

I don't know boss. You should ask your big selectors, when you meet them. That is his decision, not mine, he replied.

He also advised selectors not to shuffle, choose and release players at the last moment before the T20 World Cup, scheduled for Australia next year.