The fight for the tiffin box ends in the murder of Nigerians in Bangalore

BENGALURU: A 39-year-old Nigerian was reportedly stabbed to death by a citizen in Hennur, East Benglauru, early Sunday. Morado, a resident of Janakiram Layout, paid the price for slapping Samuel, 30, a BBA student with KNS College, nearby.

Purple, who had no job, was upset with Samuel for leaving his tiffin box in a food restaurant.

“Samuel and Purple had been partying at a common friend's house in Hennur since Friday night. On Saturday afternoon, Samuel took Morado's lunchbox to buy chicken from Africanns’s Kitchen, a food restaurant in Hennur. However, Samuel forgot the lunch box in the joint and wrapped the chicken in an aluminum foil. Seeing that his lunchbox was missing, Purple, who was drunk, abused and slapped Samuel. Others intervened and pacified them, ”police said.

Later, Samuel returned to his room in Jakkur, near Yelahanka. Samuel could not forget the insult. Armed with a kitchen knife, he returned to Morado's residence in Janakiram Layout at 3 am and knocked on the door. Without opening the door, Purple asked Samuel why he had come. It is said that Samuel asked Morado to apologize for slapping him, ”police said.

The neighbors told police they could hear Samuel and Purple shouting at each other around 3.30 in the morning. Then Purple opened the door. Samuel broke in and stabbed Morado in the chest and stomach, ”police said.

Upon hearing the commotion, the neighbors alerted the police control room. “When we arrived, Purple had died. We arrested Samuel, who was hiding in Morado's kitchen, police said.