Power struggle in Maharashtra: Sharad Pawar meets Sonia Gandhi at January 10

NEW DELHI: NCP chief Sharad pawar on Monday he met with the president of Congress Sonia Gandhi at his residence in the middle of a dead end between the BJP and his ally, the Shiv Sena on the formation of the government in Maharashtra.

The sources said the meeting was expected to take place earlier in the afternoon, but it was delayed since Pawar had to attend a meeting of the permanent parliamentary committee.

During the meeting, the two leaders are expected to discuss the current political situation in Maharashtra in view of the tussle between the BJP and its ally the Shiv Sena, which is playing hardball on the issue of chief minister's post and demanding an equal division of the Top post's tenure.

The BJP does not agree with the demand.

The BJP and the Seine are locked in a bitter dispute over the issue, resulting in a stalemate in government formation despite the results of the Assembly polls on October 24, which gives the alliance a combined strength of 161, beyond the mark of 145 in 288. - member of the house.

In the polls, the BJP won 105 seats, Shiv Sena -56, NCP-54 and Congress-44.