Cardiff's face transfer ban for non-payment of the Sala fee: FIFA

Cardiff City faces a three-window transfer ban unless they pay the French club Nantes the first fee for the transfer of Emiliano Sala who died in a plane crash on his way to join the Welsh club, world governing body FIFA He said Monday.

FIFA released the full reasoning for their September decision that Cardiff must pay the agreed first installation of six million euros ($ 6.70 million) to Nantes.

After signing with Cardiff for 15 million pounds ($ 19.37 million) in January, Sala was traveling to Wales from the French club when his plane crashed into the english channel .

The body of the 28-year-old Argentine forward was recovered almost three weeks later after an underwater search found the remains.

FIFA 's Players' Status Committee said that if Cardiff does not pay the six million euros within 45 days of receiving bank details from Nantes, A ban from registering any new players, either nationally or internationally, for the maximum duration of three entire and consecutive registration periods shall become effective .

The ban on three transfer windows would be lifted if Cardiff complied with the ruling in the meantime.

Cardiff City did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the club had previously stated that they intended to take the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland.

Cardiff City FC is extremely disappointed by the decision of the Players Status Committee to adjudicate against the club, the Welsh club said after the initial verdict.

It would appear the committee has reached its conclusion on a narrow aspect of the overall dispute, without considering the full documentation presented by Cardiff City FC to FIFA.

However, there is clear evidence that the transfer agreement was never completed in accordance with the multiple contractual requirements requested by Nantes, which makes it void.

FIFA's ruling argued that the transfer had been officially completed before Sala's death and therefore Cardiff remained obliged to make agreed payments.

The club, relegated from Premier league At the second level championship last season, he had argued that the circumstances surrounding Sala's death, on an airplane organized by an agent who negotiated the transfer, meant that Nantes was responsible for the damage caused to them.