When Joy Sarkar traveled to Madhyamaheshwar

joy madmaheshwar After a refreshing vacation, Joy Sarkar is ready to return to work. The musician traveled to Madhyamaheshwar Doon after Durga Puja and now he is back with a clear mind. “I left the city on October 10. After spending a couple of days in Hrishikesh, I went to Makkumath. I met my friend and the travel guide, Yashpal Negi Monal, who is also a birdwatcher and an amazing man. With him and our porter, Dinesh, we reached Ransi and started walking from there. On the first day, we walked seven kilometers and reached Bantoli. The next day, we walked nine kilometers and reached Madhyamaheshwar. We started at 6.30 am and reached at around 3 pm. In the evening, we watched the arti at the temple, ”said Joy.

For the musician, he was a demanding path . “But I enjoyed every part of that. We went to Budha Madmaheshwar. It is a two km walk; From 11,500 feet we walk to 14,000 feet. That was crazy. There were times when I felt that my heart would explode, but the beauty you enjoy can't be compared to anything, Joy said, adding: The funniest thing is that you'll find Bengali everywhere. My friend, Negi, says: ‘Maheshwar has given full strength to the Bengali limbs. Most of the people who walk there are Bengalis. Meanwhile, many people came to me and asked me about Lopa ( Lopamudra Mitra , singer and his wife). One or two people also asked why Santanu (Moitro) was not traveling with me. That was fun, ”Joy added with a smile.