Karthika Deepam Update, November 2: Sourya confronts Murali Krishna about his father

In the last episode of Karthik to Deepa m Soundarya is seen feeding Sourya . She asks Soundarya why she is concerned about them so much. Soundarya replies how she can be not bothered about them when she (Sourya) calls her ‘grandma’.

Next morning, Sourya takes Varanasi to Murali Krishna's house to inquire about her father. She warns Varanasi not to disclose about her meet with Krishna mural to her mother ( Deepa ). Varanasi assures her of the same. She asks Krishna mural to reveal details about her father ( Karthik ). This leaves Bhagyam worried. She is scared that Sourya might notice the photograph of Karthik & Deepa hanging onto the wall behind her. Krishna mural comforts Sourya & says that he has seen her father only on the day of their marriage. He reveals that he is a good & responsible person. But Krishna mural adds that he is unsure what happened between her parents. Her mother left the city & returned with her ( Sourya ) after 8 years. Sourya is seen disappointed yet determined to find her father soon.

Karthik tells his father Anand Rao that he can’t stay with them anymore & further adds that Hima has understood the fact that they are not treating him well. Anand Rao rubbishes his claims adding that Hima has no background of their ( Karthik & his parents) conflict. He further backs Soundarya in the issue & blames Karthik for the gap with her. Karthik argues that Soundarya is ignoring him taking Deepa ’s side without understanding the fact that he can’t live with her anymore. He further requests Anand Rao not to ruin his peace. Anand Rao tells Karthik he will repent his deeds the day he realises Deepa ’s worth.

Sourya wonders why anyone is not revealing anything about her father. She asks Deepa about the same.