A quiet birthday for director Pathikrit Basu

Director Pathikrit Basu, whose debut film was Haripada Bandwala, starring Nusrat Jahan and Ankush , is celebrating his birthday at home with his family. I like it quiet Birthday Today is the day I think about how I can improve as a human being. Ravi Kinnagi, who is my mentor, called me in the morning from Mumbai to wish me. He comes to Kolkata on November 9 and we will see each other later. Ma prepared an elaborate lunch, consisting of five types of french fries, pulao, chicken and payesh. The breakfast was luchi and sada aloor tarkari. In the afternoon, Yash He comes to dinner and lunch, ”said the birthday boy.

Pathikrit's last film was Ke Tumi Nandini, starring Bonny Sengupta and Rupsha Mukherjee. The film revolved around Nandini, a free spirit girl, who aspires to be a medical student. She develops a taste for a man named Abir. She constantly tries to impress him, but he seems to have no interest in her.

Pathikrit’s next film will go on the floors in January. “The film is about a kleptomaniac. Ankush will play the lead role, ”said the director, who also directed Fida and Total Dadagiri.

Pathikrit, who is good friends with Yash, directed him in Total Dadagiri, which revolved around college students Joy and Jonaki. They fall in love with each other, much to the chagrin of her father, who is totally opposed to their relationship. “Yash and I bond well. He called up today morning and said he will come over to my place. I don't usually meet friends on my birthday, ”said the director.