Sarath Kumar talks about not issuing traffic challans in Tamil

It was recently reported that traffic challans it is still broadcast in English and Hindi in Chennai, but not in Tamil , which caused anger among many inhabitants. Several people expressed their dissatisfaction with the issue on various social media platforms. Actor become a politician Sarath Kumar He became the first celebrity to speak openly about it. He said that people cannot be expected to be efficient in a language other than their mother tongue.

Sarath turned to Twitter to express his opinion: he tweeted: In addition to the mother tongue, learning another language should be an option and cannot be imposed. Traffic Chit in Hindi and English is not acceptable since the public and the police do not necessarily need to know both. How can we expect the public to accept it when he/she is not familiar with the form? This has to be corrected immediately.

He had also labeled the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister in the two tweets he had published. Later, Radikaa Sarathkumar was also expressed expressing her opinion. He retweeted Sarath's post and said: I agree.