Low pressure is likely to bring rain on the Odisha coast this week

BHUBANESHWAR: The formation of a low-pressure area over the Bay of Bengal is likely to cause rain on the coast by the end of this week, the Meteorological Center said Monday.

The low pressure, formed under the influence of a cyclonic circulation on the north and the areas along the Myanmar coast, it is likely to move west-northwest in the next few days, he said.

It is likely that the low pressure will be well marked by Tuesday and intensify further in a depression over the center-east of the Bay of Bengal in the next two days, said the Director of the Bhubaneswar Meteorological Center, HR Biswas.

Under its impact, several parts of the Odisha coast are expected to receive rain from November 8 and the intensity of the rain may increase depending on the movement of the system, he said.

We are constantly monitoring the movement and direction of the low pressure area. At present, a clear picture about the impact of low pressure is yet to emerge, Biswas said.

The movement of the system depends on factors, he said, adding that at this stage it will be premature to affirm conclusively that it will lead to a cyclone.

Odisha's revenue and disaster management minister, Sudam Marandi, said the state government has not yet received any official warning from the MeT department about heavy rains, but appropriate measures will be taken to address any emerging situation.

Biswas said the system is currently extended over a wide region and that it can move in any direction, including Bangladesh coast or turn towards, Andhra Pradesh or Odisha