Pure Hearts Soul Beats - A fundraiser for people with visual impairments

With Children's Day in November, 'Soul Beats' a musical fundraiser was organized by Pure Hearts (a children's NGO for children in need) in collaboration with Saint n Sinners in Gurugram on November 3, 19. It was a night of music and a community that joined in dedication to the spirit of inclusion, acceptance and celebration for children with visual disabilities and the blind. The concert raised funds for the special screening of films for children without sight and to provide them with a total cinematic experience and a world of imagination.

Playing musical notes to bring to light the light floated in the melody of the live performances of the best in the music industry. The emotional voice of Ankur Gupta, an artist with visual impairment (of international/national fame) was an inspiration and celebration of his uniqueness and value. Renowned musician Subir Malik - Suryansh Project and the show's musicians played fascinating pop and the rock music . Gavin Pacheco, of the Program, an instrumental trio said that musicians are proud to contribute to the visually impaired through music that reaches all hearts.


The night there were performances by bands of young music students from various schools in Gurugram, namely Shri Ram's school Moulsari, Pathways School Gurugram and Heritage Xperiential Learning School.

Talking about the event Vishal Anand , founder of Saints n Sinners, said that in our ongoing effort to support good causes, it is encouraging and rewarding to see NGOs like Pure Hearts and the Student Community come together to create such a fantastic musical experience. The proceeds of the event will go to the special screening of a film for 1200 students with visual impairment.


The night kept the audience captivated and playing the rhythms of the melody and the rhythm of electrifying performances. Rachna Gupta, a mother who was present to encourage young musicians, said that I am really proud that our children grow up as sensitive people and contribute to the elevation of society.


Navita Sharma shared: “In August of this year, Pure Hearts successfully organized the screening of free movies for more than 2600 disadvantaged children, and once again this musical concert with the support of Saints and Sinners will make possible the special screening of two films in Carnival Cinemas for blind and visually impaired children as part of Children's Day week. The movies are in audio description format with special sound effects and have been backed by renowned RJ Narendra Joshi and Kavita Seth .


Soul Beats was a true example of the essence of inclusion, celebrated by the children of Pure Hearts, Saint n Sinners as partners and all the acclaimed artists and young musicians who came to support and give a gift of imagination to children without sight.