Kaushik Sen is happy to be part of Ardhangini

After months of speculation about who would play the male protagonist in Ardhangini of Kaushik Ganguly, it has now become clear that he is none other than Kaushik Sen . That the movie is the protagonist Jaya Ahsan and Churni Ganguly was already informed by us. Talking to us from the USA In the USA, Kaushik said: “I was part of Kaushik Ganguly's Sunyo E Buke, who was well ahead of his time. After that, I didn't play a big role in any of his films. There was a cameo in Drishtikone. But, in the middle, he made many movies. I also worked with Aparna Sen , Srijit Mukherji and others, but not with him after he became famous. This time, he called me to tell me that when he writes a paper, he unconsciously thinks of a person. Then, he thought of me while writing it and asked if I would be available to do the part. I told him I had a lot of travel to do right now, but he said he would calculate the dates. In fact, I was in Seattle for a show when he sent me filming dates. ” Kaushik will return from the United States on November 6 and filming will begin after that. Earlier, sources close to development said Kaushik Ganguly He was expected to play the role. In the film, which also features Ambarish Bhattacharya and Purab Seal Acharya, Churni and Jaya play the former and current wives of a man, who are forced to face each other after a crisis.