Manchester City captain David Silva will miss the Liverpool clash

LONDON: Manchester City captain David Silva He seems ready to miss the top-of-the-table clash with Liverpool leaders on Sunday due to an injury, the city manager said. Pep Guardiola .

The 33-year-old Spanish offensive midfielder in his last season with the club suffered a muscle injury towards the end of the first half of Saturday's 2-1 victory over Southampton.

Guardiola, whose team leaves Liverpool behind by six points on the table, did not reveal more about the nature of the injury, but usually implies an absence of just under two weeks.

David Silva was injured, Guardiola said. Five minutes before the first half ended I've told me I had a muscular problem.

When he has a muscular problem and cannot play more minutes it is because he has something and when it is a muscular problem it is always a minimum of 10-12 days.

Guardiola, whose team also faces a Champions League clash with the Italian team Atalanta on Wednesday, admitted that Liverpool's record of not losing at Anfield since January 2017 was a daunting prospect.

Liverpool has also not been defeated in the league since its defeat in Etihad last January and has only lost two points this period, a 1-1 draw with City neighbors, Manchester United.

How many centuries and do not lose in Anfield? We'll see, he joked.

Now we go to Italy and when we return we go to Anfield. Many things are going to happen and there are many games to play, he added, and denied that the game was crucial as to who wins the title.

Guardiola also ruled out taking Atalanta for granted and putting a second rope team for the game in San Siro.

The victory would ensure City a place in the knockout stages.

Do you think we can prioritize four titles in a season if we prioritize the games? Guardiola said.

We will play with the best possible team to win in Atalanta and after going to Anfield.

The best way to go to Anfield is to play a good game against Atalanta, who has been fighting with the best clubs in Italy for the past two or three seasons.