Mangala Update Gowri Madve, November 2: Karna learns about the marriage of Rajeev and Mangala

In the last episode of Mangala Gowri Madve Karna drags Rajeev to his room and talks to him privately. He confronts Rajeev about his relationship with Mangala. While Karna speaks ill of their relationship and shows the video recording as evidence, Rajeev is surprised and reveals that Mangala is his wife.

However, Karna remembers that Sneha provided evidence that Mangala's husband had died. It demands an explanation from Rajeev for manipulating the truth.

Rajeev asks Karna to give him the opportunity to reveal the truth. Rajeev also tells the whole incident about his unplanned marriage to Mangala in an unusual situation.

After learning about Rajeev and Mangala's marriage story, Karna grows emotional thinking, how Soundarya and Balli abused Mangala. To put an end to this problem, Karna decides to inform the family members of the truth.

But Rajeev stops him and informs Mangala of his promise (Rajeev). Karna feels guilty because she had misunderstood Rajeev and Mangala's relationship. He also asks Rajeev to take care of Mangala and asks him to keep her happy.

On the other hand, Balli is curious to know about Karna's decision about Rajeev's illicit relationship with Mangala. She discusses the same with Soundarya. The duo plans their next move even further. Soundarya reports that it has a master plan to expose Rajeev and Mangala's relationship.