Jaya Ahsan in a movie about partition

Directed by Akram Khan Jaya Ahsan Khacha's movie will be released soon in Kolkata under Safta's agreement. Impress Telefilm will distribute the Bangladeshi movie in Kolkata. Meanwhile, Konttho de Jaya will launch in Bangladesh under the same agreement.

‘Khacha’ is based on Hassan Azizul Haque’s novel by the same name. Usually, be it celluloid or literature, we have seen the pain of people who left Bangladesh during partition, but what happened to those who got stuck. ‘Khacha’ revolves around this interesting plot.

The Bangladesh government funded film centers Sharajini ( Jaya Ahsan ) and his family after partition. The story takes place in the context of Jessore in 1948. Ombujakkho Chokroborty ( Azad Abul Kalam ), a high-caste Hindu brahmin desperately seeks a suitable barter to exchange his house in East Bengal of Muslim majority to move to West Bengal of Hindu majority. However, there are many possibilities for home exchanges that fail. Years go by and his wife Sharajini finally becomes restless. But 16 years after the independence of the British, Ombujakkho finally gives up. What happens next forms the crux of the movie.