I am an absolute water baby: Dhvani Bhanushali

Holidays bring back some amazing memories and to singer Dhvani Bhushali, his recent break in Phuket, was a fun and relaxing time. We asked if it had been about her travel ready for a while. She says: My family usually decides the fate of our holidays together. My mother, in particular, loves Phuket. We had been there before and had a great time, so we decided to go there again. Was to celebrate Diwali . We are always in Mumbai and thought this would be a good change since it’s been a while since we went on a family holidays . And this turned out to be a short holidays of four days.”

Beach break


For someone who has a sense of adventure, the break was just what she hoped for. “My father and I love travel ling and exploring new places. We aim to travel to a new destination at least once a year. Phuket is special because of its iconic beaches, and I love beaches - I’m an absolute water baby!” How did she spend time there? Says Dhwani, “We had a great time and explored as many islands as our short trip allowed us to. The water sports in Phuket are exhilarating, and the Phi Phi Islands are also so picturesque that being there feels like you are in Paradise.” It made for an apt chance to take pictures. “Who doesn’t love capturing natural scenic beauty? In fact, on family holidays s, family pictures are a must! And Phuket has the most stunning views of the beach and the ocean,” she adds.

Food and some sport too Dhvani probó la comida local. No tuvimos la oportunidad de experimentar con mucha comida local porque soy vegetariano. Aun así, la comida tailandesa es deliciosa ”. Durante las holidays también la vio probar algunas actividades poco convencionales. Ella explica: “Phuket es famosa por sus deportes acuáticos. Siendo un bebé de agua, casi siempre estaba en el mar. Fuimos Diving and jet-skiing on this trip.” Did she shop for any souvenirs, we ask? “No, unfortunately, we didn’t really have the time to pick up any souvenirs, but we had so much fun. I think need a holidays after I come back from a holidays . Especially one which is this short,” she grins.