Trusting that a new government will soon be formed in Maharashtra: Devendra Fadnavis

NEW DELHI: Amid the recent power struggle with the partners of the Shiv Sena alliance in Maharashtra, the chief minister on Monday expressed confidence that the state will get a new government soon.

Speaking to the media, Fadnavis said: I don't want to comment on anything they say about the new government formation. All I want to say is that Maharashtra needs a new government as soon as possible and will be formed soon, I am sure.

Fadnavis was talking to media reporters in the national capital after meeting with the Union Interior Minister. Amit Shah to seek more help from the central government for affected farmers due to.

I went to meet with the Interior Minister to request assistance. I sent him the preliminary estimates and he spoke with the relevant officials, Fadnavis said.

We have also asked them to hold a meeting with the insurance companies so that the companies can help the farmers with the disaster that they have faced during the rains and he (Amit Shah) has agreed to it, he added.