A firm Hooda camp takes little note of the congressional rule book

(This story originally appeared in November 4, 2019) New Delhi: yes Bhupinder Singh Hooda he has to threaten the rebellion to claim his leadership position by forcing the high command of the party to dismiss Ashok Tanwar, appointed by Rahul Gandhi as head of the Haryana PCC, the impressive struggle of Congress in the elections of the Assembly seems to have inspired even more to the former CM to affirm its autonomy '. Punjab Chief of Ministers Captain Amarinder Singh He has also often acted openly independently, while the satraps of Congress in Rajasthan, MP and Chhattisgarh have been doing so subtly.

While the election of Hooda as the new leader of the Congress Legislature Party (CLP), and therefore the Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, was a lost conclusion given that his supporters form an overwhelming majority among the 31 MLA of the party, the way in which the Hooda camp - after celebrating a parallel collusion - was affirmed during the closed meeting on Friday of the MLA of Congress in Chandigarh seemed to be a message to the High Command.

Some MLAs in Congress said Hooda's supporters made it clear at the meeting that choosing their leader as head of the CLP was an accomplished fact.

The meeting was held in the presence of the general secretary of AICC Ghulam Nabi Azad , PCC chief Kumari Selja and AICC observer Madhusudan Mistry.

Directed by BB Batra and Geeta Bhukkal, it was learned that the MLA demanded that Hooda be elected leader of the CLP at that time, eliminating the practice of passing a resolution, authorizing the president of Congress to do the honors. They also opposed having the AICC observer, Mistry, conduct individual consultations with the ALMs to assess their views.

Only after Azad and Selja repeatedly urged MLAs to follow the traditions of Congress, did Hooda camp allow symbolic motions to pass a resolution and Mistry interactions. The next day, AICC formally announced Sonia Gandhichoosing Hooda as leader of the CLP.

Manysee in this a trend. If Hooda had to threaten rebellion to eject Tanwar, Amarinder Singh had to threaten Rahul Gandhi with a split in Punjab Congress to make him replace PS Bajwa as PCC chief.

If Singh had cut the wings of Rahul's then strategist Prashant Kishore during the campaign and recently punished Navjyot Sidhu, Hooda had refused to share the podium with Rahul during the demonstrations.

It is known that when AICC tried to increase the manifestations of Rahul Gandhi, even Randeep Surjewala and Kuldeep Bishnoi transmitted their inability to organize their demonstrations.