Alliyambal to get out of the air; fans criticize director Shiju Aroor for finishing the show soon

The fairy tale love story of Alli and Devan will soon climax when the popular television show 'Alliyambal' will air with an episode of Maha. But fans seem to be unhappy with the sudden ending. director Shiju Aroor You have been receiving calls and messages asking you not to end the program. According to reports, the director has been criticized by fans who want to introduce themselves to continue their journey.

In fact, some even 'threatened' him so he wouldn't end up like this.

It is the first time in my career that I receive such a great response from the audience regarding the closure. Many contacted me and questioned the decision to end the program, some even threatened me. But, I take it as the success of 'Alliyambal', shares the director. According to the updates, the show will have a 90-minute climax episode on Saturday (November 9).

Speaking about the next climax of the show, the director promised that the episode will not disappoint viewers. He hinted that there will be some surprise elements that will surely entertain the fan base.

Devan and Alli of Alliyambal's fame became one of Malayalam TV's most desirable on-screen couples in no time. The love story of a fighter and the school teacher began to enjoy a good audience from the beginning. The actors not malayali, Pallavi and Jai Dhanush It gained a lot of popularity with its crispy chemistry on screen in the program.