I'm scared of ghosts and can't sleep alone at night: actor Dibyojyoti Dutta, also known as Nirbhik

Dibyojyoti Dutta, who became a familiar name playing Ribhu In daily soap Joyee is a great enthusiast in real life. The young actor is preparing for his new program Chuni Panna. You will see him playing a simple guy called Nirbhik . But unlike his name, he is very afraid of darkness and ghosts. To make his life even more miserable, he has an old ghost Panna, who resides in his place. Just before launch, Dibyojyoti opened openly in a chat with TimesofIndia.com about Bhoot, Bhabishoyt and more.

In Chuni Panna , I will play Nirbhik, a guy who is afraid of ghosts. Unfortunately, he has a ghost residing at his place. The character is quite interesting and I'm excited about playing the role, ”he said.

When asked if he is afraid of ghosts in real life, the ingenious actor revealed everything. He said: “I am afraid of ghosts. In fact, I can't sleep alone at night. I need mom to sleep by my side. At night, if I need anything, I ask Maa to accompany me, ”Dibyojyoti laughed.

Actress Annwesha Hazra will play the female protagonist in this show. His screen character, Chuni, is excited to meet a ghost. Chuni spends nights together in haunted houses just to meet a ghost. Interestingly, Annwesha is very similar to Chuni and will not mind meeting a ghost in real life. She said: I wouldn't mind meeting a ghost in real life, although I'm not as brave as Chuni.

When Dibyojyoti revealed his fear, Annwesha was divided. He didn't think twice before spilling the beans.

“One day, I told Dibyojyoti a horror story and the next day his mother called me. She asked me not to tell her horror stories anymore, since I was very scared at night, ”he laughed out loud. Dibyojyoti, who was right next to him, protested a little.

The actors have joined during filming and are often seen chatting together. Both are passionate about fitness. Dibyojyoti said: “I am passionate about exercise and dancing. Annwesha is also a fitness fan. We have become good friends in real life.