Shubhangi Atre, also known as Angoori Bhabhi of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, to celebrate Chhath Puja

The millenary celebration of Chhath Puja was recently celebrated by devotees from across the county and carrying out the festive emotion is none other than Angoori Bhabhi ( Shubhangi Atre ) from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai . Angoori will also be seen performing the famous Chhath Puja as a part of a sequence in the show.

Despite it being a different language and different dialect to the devotional Bihari musical piece, Angoori Bhabhi effortlessly lip-synced to the song and showed no signs of struggle while doing so.

New to this experience and the festival rituals, Shubhangi was very excited to perform this sequence and was excited to learn more about the festival and how it is celebrated.

Sharing her experience Shubhangi said, “It was indeed a very spiritual experience to perform the Holy Puja of Chhath. This puja is undertaken to thank Surya Bhagwan to bestow the bounties of life on Earth and to request the granting of the worshipper's wishes. Since Angoori hails from that belt of India and having portrayed the character over the last few years I feel immensely connected to her and showcasing her devotion in front of the audience was a surreal experience. Personally, it was an all-new experience for me as well. Being a spiritual person at heart, I am always eager to know and learn more about these rituals. ”

The upcoming episode of the show brings forth a rather dismayed Angoori who is keen to celebrate Chhath Puja but gets upset as she doesn’t get cow dung cakes which are the essential requirement in order to perform the rituals.

Vibhuti seeing her upset promises her that he will get cow dung cakes by hook or by crook to make her happy again. In a bid to impress Angoori, Vibhuti lands himself fighting for cow dung cakes with Tiwari.