Movie about the first feminist poet of Bengal ready for the premiere of Kolkata

Bangladeshi movie Chandrabati Kotha directed by N Rashed Chowdhury it will have its world premiere on the 25th Kolkata International Film Festival and will compete in the Asian Select NETPAC Award category.

Inspired by the life of Bengal's first feminist poet, Chandrabati, the period drama has a backdrop in the mid-16th century, East Bengal. The young daughter of veteran poet Dijabangshi Das falls in love with another poet Jayananda. On the eve of their marriage, life takes its own course when Jayananda betrays Chandrabati and marries another woman. Chandrabati, afflicted by pain, decides to lock herself in a Shiva temple and begins an ambitious journey of rewriting the epic Ramayana. What happens next forms the crux of the movie.

Adapted from the ballads found in Mymensingh Geetika, Chandrabati Kotha explores the golden age of medieval Bengali literature.

Director Rashed Chowdhury, speaking about the film, said: “Chandrabati Kotha is our tribute to the 16th-century pioneer poet Chandrabati, who portrays his elegiac life story and his passion for writing. In his version of Ramayana, he again told the story of the great Indian epic from Sita's perspective, ignoring the glory of his macho macho protagonist Rama.

Chandrabati, who learned everything from his father, wrote Ramayana in the form of a shovel (long ballads), which were later adapted to Boyatis by the troubadour narrators of the village. Many of these poems have formed the basis of a series of folklores in Bangladesh. The film was filmed in six districts of Mymensingh and its surroundings for a year and a half.

This 105-minute biography stars Dilruba Hossain Doyel, Jayanta Chattopadhyay Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed and Gazi Rakayet , among others. This movie also has a Kolkata connection. While Satyakee Banerjee has composed the music, Sankha Biswas made the film's edition.