The new TV program Start Music will launch on November 24

The nonfiction program Start Music is scheduled to launch on November 24. It is likely that the musical show will be presented by the actor Sourav Das .

In this program, the popular actors of the television series will fight musically to win the game. Very soon, the show will unleash the unknown melodious side of the actors. From the self-proclaimed bath singers to those trained in music, everyone will fight hard to win the show.

Following the rules, participants will be divided into teams. Many fun games will be played from Antakshrai to Recognize the song. The game show will have its first season on Bengali television, although it has successfully entertained the Telugu audience.

Together with ‘Start Music’, General Entertainment Channel itself is about to launch a series of fiction and nonfiction programs. Dramatic comedy Chuni Panna, starring Tulika Basu, Payel Dey, Dibyojyoti Dutta and Annwesha Hazra and others, will launch on November 11.

On the other hand, Soumi Chatterjee Kopal Kundala's star fiction program and the reality show Super Singer will soon be released.

Another Bengali entertainment channel will launch a new Mirakkel season.