A getaway with Mr. Varun Gupta: Make a dent with Kent!

Times Food - Boardroom Kitchen, presented by Glen and powered by Figaro Olive Oil is a one-of-a-kind program promoted as the first reality web series in India. What makes it different is that it not only attracts your taste buds, but also simulates interesting intellectual conversations while doing so. The program invites the greatest honchos in the industry of the biggest brands and makes them cook something for all the spectators. People who have inspired so many will now wear a chef's hat on this avatar never seen before.

Today's guest of honor is none other than a visionary leader, Mr. Varun Gupta, who is the Managing Director of Kent RO Systems. Mr. Varun Gupta, extremely aware of health and hygiene, spoke about the launch of KentCamEye, a car security camera that has 4G and artificial intelligence and allows users to broadcast live from the car facilitating bidirectional communication .

When asked about his food options, Mr. Varun Gupta presented the difficulty of being a vegetarian in a foreign country. “When I travel internationally, I am a bit demanding. Because I don't even eat an egg. So I have to be sure that the food has no egg, no meat, no seafood. So, for me, I limit myself to subway snacks because you can't go wrong with the subway. When you return to India, enjoy Dal Makhani and Naan.

Watch this exciting conversation between Mr. Varun Gupta and our famous chef Aditya Bal while enjoying his free time to cook his favorite delicacy.

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