Working with Aparna Sen is a dream come true for Tuhina Das

Tuhina Das is amazed after working with Aparna Sen in Ghawre Baire Aaj, which also stars Anirban Bhattacharya and Jisshu U Sengupta in the lead. “I came to know that I am a part of Ghawre Baire Aaj at a much later stage. During the first month, Rinadi (Aparna Sen) used to ask me to sing or enact a scene from some film or used to ask me to change my body language and expression according to different situations. I came to know that I am doing this film much after that, ”said Tuhina.

She added: “I love the way Rinadi dresses and looks so elegant. She loves it when I wear a sari and shows me how to dress. I have learned a lot from her. My friends tell me that I try to dress like her today. Not many know that Rinadi is a great cook. I used to have dinner at home when we had acting workshops. The way food is served is also something you must learn. During filming, the evening snack, which used to be a special muri makha, used to be prepared by her for the cast.

Speaking about his character, Tuhina said: “My character shows Bimla's trip to Brinda. Ghawre Baire Aaj is inspired by Rabindranath Tagore The novel, Ghare Bairey (Home and the world), is a contemporary version of the triangular love story that involves the characters of Tagore, Nikhilesh, Sandeep and Bimala.