Arpita enjoys the experience of working with her guruji again

Harp has done playback, along with Ustad Rashid Khan, in Aparna Sen’s film, Ghawre Bairey Aaj. Talking about how she got the offer and her experience of doing the playback, Harp said, “I am the fortunate one and feel honoured to sing an authentic thumri along with my guruji , Ustad Rashid Khan and that also in the Rinadi movie. I was in London when I received a call from Rinadi to make a reproduction of his film and I immediately said no, since I am not a normal singer nor do I regularly do riyaz. Then, she said that Ustad Rashid Ali Khan was sitting next to him and he suggested my name. I was speechless and the next moment I heard Guruji's voice asking me: Gaan korish, na chere diyechish ?. He then asked me to find him once he returns.

Harp has also done playback along with Ustad Rashid Ali Khan twice before in films. “I came back from London and went to Guruji’s place where Neel (Dutt) and Rinadi were also there. Neel has composed the music for this film. I still remember how nervous I was. But Guruji assured me that I can pull it off and ultimately, the song is out now. It was such an enriching experience. For Guruji, I am still a student, so I learned a lot from him this time too. Singing this authentic thumri was not easy but the track is close to my heart and I hope I could live upto Rinadi and my Guruji’s expectations, ”said the actress.