Update from Kapil Sharma Show, November 3: Harbhajan Singh reveals that he likes Katrina Kaif for her beauty and Priyanka Chopra for acting

The last episode of The Kapil Sharma show It starts with Krushna giving a spectacular dance performance. Archana and the public stood up to give him a big ovation.

Kapil enters the stage and everyone starts to cheer him up. Krushna tells Kapil if he has not read in the newspaper that he has become a producer and has come to the show as a famous guest. Hearing this, Kapil says that the guests never invite themselves. Then he mocks himself that he should learn a lesson from Kapil about what happens when an actor becomes a producer.

Chandu appears on stage and the three engage in a fun conversation. In the middle of the conversation. Chandu says curiously that sometimes one has to chase his friends because not everyone has Govinda as his uncle. This makes everyone laugh and Archana gives Chandu a big ovation for his punch.

Kapil then invites Kashmera Shah, Krushna's wife, and the lead actor, Rishabh Chauhan, from his next film on stage.

Archana asks Kashmera how she thought about becoming a director. Kashmera says curiously that there cannot be two actresses in the same house while Krushna plays the role of Sapna.

Kapil asks Kashmera that Krushna is better as a husband or producer. Kashmera says that Krushna is a very good husband.

Krushna then comes to the stage dressed as Sapna. This completely surprises Kashmera.

Next, Kapil welcomes the fame of the cricket world, Harbhajan singh and his wife Geeta Basra on the stage.

Kapil jokingly asks Harbhajan that the first time he came to the show he was not married, the second time he came with his wife and now the third time with his daughter Hinaya, so what is the plan for the fourth time? Harbhajan says he will think of something.

Kapil asks Harbhajan with whom his daughter is closest. He says that because of his schedule, she can barely see him and when he does, he makes sure to spend the day with him.

Geeta says that the best part of Harbhajan is his sense of humor and that he is very kind.

When Harbhajan is asked the same question, he says that Geeta's opinion about him is always different from the others and that she has a very honest opinion about him.

Geeta reveals that she was very superstitious when Harbhajan used to play.

Kapil asks Harbhajan who is his favorite actress, apart from Geeta. He says he likes it Katrina Kaif when it comes to your appearance and Priyanka Chopra When it comes to acting.

Kapil asks Geeta to tell his favorite cricketer apart from Harbhajan. She says that in terms of bowling, she likes Jasprit Bumrah and as a hitter, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.

Geeta says that before her marriage, she didn't even know what role Harbhajan played in the cricket team because nobody watches sports in her family.

Kapil asks Harbhajan about his improved English. He reveals that once he was dating a woman from Sri Lanka and began to imitate what she used to say in English. He says she gave him the confidence to speak in English.

Kapil then applauds Harbhajan for his inspiring journey.

Bharti appears on stage and makes everyone laugh with his funny jokes.

Kapil asks both of them about their first meeting. Harbhajan says they met in Mumbai on a coffee date.

Kapil then invites the people in the audience to imitate Harbhajan's bowling action.

Harbhajan reveals that they will soon see him for a short role in a Tamil movie.

One of the people in the audience asks Harbhajan to sing a song. Baccha Yadav takes the stage to entertain everyone. The show ends with a happy selfie of everyone.