China approves medicine to cure Alzheimer's; to go on sale from next month

BEIJING: A home-grown medicine in China for Alzheimer's disease, which could treat the disease in 17 years, will be available to Chinese patients from next month after its official approval, its developers said.

The National Medical Products Administration of China approved the launch of the drug, GV-971, on Saturday that could treat the condition in 17 years, the state company said Monday.

Patients will be able to buy the medicine in China from December 29, and more production lines will gradually be put into operation to meet market demand, according to Carry off Green Valley Pharmaceutical, one of the developers of the drug.

The drug is the only Alzheimer's drug of more than 320 developed by pharmaceutical companies around the world to survive clinical trials, despite the investment of hundreds of billions of dollars in the past two decades, according to the report. .

Extracted from, the drug taken by mouth is the first multidirectional and carbohydrate-based drug for Alzheimer's in the world, the administration said.

It can treat mild to moderate forms of the disease and improve cognition, he said.

The first production line of the drug, which will meet the needs of two million patients, will begin operating this week.

Alzheimer's disease, an irreversible and progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys, the ability to think and the ability to perform simple tasks, affects at least 50 million people worldwide, and the number is expected to increase as populations age.

China has approximately 10 million people with Alzheimer's, the highest in the world.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences' Carry off Institute of Materia Medica, which jointly developed the GV-971 with Green Valley and Ocean University of China after 22 years of research, said there were previously five medicines with limited efficacy used to treat the disease, which was discovered a century ago.

A phase III of the drug that involved 818 patients completed in July last year showed that it improves continuously and effectively cognition among patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease over a period of nine months, said Geng Meiyu, a researcher Drug principal and researcher. with SIMM

The addiction and serious toxicity of therapy have not been identified in the research so far, he said.

The scientists said the drug works primarily by rebalancing the intestinal microbiota, reducing neuroinflammation and cognitive impairment. Some national and foreign doctors, including David Holtzman, president of the, said they believe GV-971 will provide a new medical solution for patients.

Clinical trials of the drug in the US are being prepared. UU. And multicenter international research, said its developers, with initial communication with the US Food and Drug Administration. UU. Already completed.

Green Valley has established a professional team and hired world-renowned experts in this field as consultants in preparation to start clinical trials in the United States, said Lyu Songtao, president of the company.

We do not exclude the possibility of collaborating with international research institutions to conduct clinical trials in the United States, Lyu said, according to the daily report.