Ke Apon Ke Por Update, November 3: Sapnamay and Tandra join

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Joba and Param have a good time. The couple discusses how Kuhu, Joy, Tiya and Mayuri performed quite well in the program.

They talk about Durga puja and how much they had enjoyed the whole festival, except for some interruptions. They also talk about Tandra's conspiracy and how she left no stone without moving to harm them. Joba is worried since Tandra He is wandering freely. Param says he will soon be caught by the police.

Param says that Joba's career as a judge of the Superior Court will begin soon. He feels proud of her. Param praises Joba, who always works hard and never neglected his family.

Joba talks about the arrangements of Lakshmi bid .

Meanwhile, Rinki and Itu handle all the arrangements for Lakshmi Puja. Family members are delighted to see their hard work.

Tandra fumes with anger as her plans failed miserably. She had undergone plastic surgery and changed every possible thing but Joba recognized her.

Suddenly, Sapnamay you eat with a cup of coffee. He asks her to calm down. It is revealed that he helped Tandra to run away from the puja pandal when Joba almost nabbed her. Tandra is surprised seeing Sapnamay’s changed avatar. Earlier, I used to praise Joba a lot. But Joba proved him guilty in the organ-trafficking case. He was sent to jail but Sapnamay ran away. Tandra and Sapnamay join hands.

At Param’s place, all the family members enjoy a candid discussion. Right then, Tanna gives the phone to Joba adding that someone from the correctional home wanted to speak with her. Joba gets shocked when she learns that Sapnamay has run away from the jail.