Eyes on Grammy, heart put in the conservation of Cauvery

Step on the heels of the Bangalore-based super group arriving at Grammy Ballots, Religious ficus We came up with a single that pays tribute to Cauvery.

The band released their first official Chetana album last year and received a warm response from the Indian audience, topping the music charts and getting large numbers for their shows.

His song pays tribute to the incredible lifeline of South India. Although the powerful Cauvery has a great impact on the lives of people in three states of southern India, the song's feeling can be attributed to any river, creek or tributary anywhere in the world. In essence, the song celebrates our most vital resource, one that we share with all life forms on this beautiful planet.

The Bangalore-based band, which does not believe in the shackles that come with gender-based descriptions, consists of Sujay Harthi on vocals, Tony Das on guitar, Praveen Biligiri on bass and Willy Demoz on drums and music. percussions The band's music can be described as Indian melodies sitting in funk rhythms with nuances of electronics , and sung in a variety of Indian languages.

Each band musician brings a great experience to this project, having been part of the Hindi and Kannada film industries, in addition to playing in some of the most successful bands in India, namely The Raghu Dixit Project, Thermal&A Quarter, Moksha, Sandeep Chowta Project and Bhoomi among others.

Religious ficus was born out of the fervent desire of four friends, all musicians, who wanted to incorporate each others’ musical abilities, leanings and knowledge, to write ‘good songs’.